Why 365 self portraits?

I needed to improve my rusting drawing skills so I decided to draw a self-portrait every day for a whole year. I chose myself as the subject as I am always available and I don't go off as quickly as fruit and vegetables.


On January 1st 2002, I lined up my rapier-sharp HB pencils at the start ine of my A4 cartridge pad and zoomed off in a coud of graphite and rubber. By the end of the week I had exhausted every possibility of that medium except for sticking the pencils up the the nostrils of my bored mirror image. To save the project and my sanity, I decided to use a different medium each week.


365 self portraits completed on 31st January 2002 using unusual techniques like drawing with my feet, mouth, camera lucida and computer animation along with more traditional methods of painting and drawing. The portraits may not always look like me. My drawing was rusty, remember!  Also they are mostly mirror images and you don't see me like that. And my hair grew! I hope you enjoy the results. I'd hate you to become as bored as I was so little and often works best.

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